Friday, May 27, 2011

May- Things are getting a bit crazy over here....

So... I don't even know where to begin with this month... and definitely not this week. May has been incredibly difficult to live in. I do not think I have been hit with so many things at once. Every time I feel overwhelmed I remember that things could always be worse. Even though, it's hard not to be engulfed in the moment.

I have been shocked by how fast this business is growing. I am so THRILLED that everyone LOVES my product and we are gaining success. However, that also makes me a bit behind. If I wasn't slow enough with the baby teething, the multiple family things (my brother entering marines, my other brother having ballet recitals, and my brother and Chris' brother graduating high school, not to mention family visiting from out of state), the household things that need to be done, and trying to run a business- I was scammed the other day. And of all things this affected my packages. In the past month- my hubby has melted a whole kitchen (basically) of soap and there was a person who pretending to be a mailman scammed us out of packages (I have a police report out on that one (the mailman, not the hubby). I hate being behind, but I am working hard to catch up! :)

With all the not so great things that have happened this month, there have been amazing ones. Ava is getting bigger and I am so fortunate that I get to watch her grow. She is talking non stop nowadays, most of it sounds like Japanese. She is constantly figuring out and learning new things and that is AMAZING. She tells me where her nose, eyes, ears, tongue, hands and belly button are. We are having moments of recognition daily. I love those times when you say something, and she gets it or she does what you asked! It is great knowing she really understands things, and it is amazing seeing the light-bulb moment. She is getting so BIG!!

Also with the business growing I have been able to meet so many different people, and be exposed to so many more stories. And because I might have a little bit of a voice I am able to HELP people. Which means a lot to me. I have volunteered a lot over the past years. I worked with Habitat for Humanity and ACORN to help rebuild New Orleans after Katrina. It is so hard to sit and not be able to rush over to where help is so desperately needed (the changes that come with having a child!)!! BUT, I am able to still help people.

                                                          Habitat for Humanity in Musicians Village New Orleans

We have two families that are benefiting from us. I will write a more formal blog on each one in the next couple of days. We have one family who lost their house and all their belongings to a person. They went on vacation and when they returned the landlord was missing and all of their things were taken from their home. They have filed reports, but no one can find the guy! They are sleeping on a sleeper sofa and have a little baby girl. The second family also lost their house, all of their belongings, and, unfortunately, some family from a tornado in April in Mississippi. They have four children and are staying with family. There was absolutely nothing salvageable from their house. And finally, we are also running the auction where 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross and giving 20% of our sales to the American Red Cross as well.

The auction will open tonight! I am still searching for sponsors, but what we have is amazing! I am hoping we can make a large donation!

So that is what has been going on over at Good Bath Company for the month of May. I am even leaving out a whole bunch of life things too! When I write it down, no wonder I feel overwhelmed sometimes. But I think that as I get the hang of balancing home-work with work at home I will get better at dealing with the curve balls life throws!

I need a nice, good bath ;-)

Hope you all are having a wonderful May, summer is just around the corner!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joplin Relief

 Imagine this is your street:

It used to look normal, now the street is littered with debris, belongings, cherished hopes and dreams. People have nothing left except what they can salvage from the wreckage. They have no home, no where to go. Many of these people have family who also lost their homes, so they can't go there. There used to be beautiful trees, probably some with spring buds on them. Now they are bare trunks, stark reminders of what used to be.

Imagine this is your town:

There is nothing left. No where to go. Nothing to do except cry and hope that your family members made it, that they will be found.

Imagine this is your child:

The rescue worker carrying her out. To which hospital is unknown, since the main hospital was destroyed. 

Can you imagine not knowing if your loved ones are safe? Where they are? If they are alive? 

We have all been saturated with these images. These are not just images on your screen, these are people. These are our neighbors. These people need your help. Please help us. If you can donate an item please email me at If you can't please bid on these items! Also 20% of all profit made by Good Bath Company from now until the auction closes will go to the American Red Cross for Disaster Crises. Please help. This could be you, this could be me, these people could be your family or friends. They have lost so much. We want to give them something back!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. The auction is being put up asap and will close on June 10th.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Winners from 2000 fan "product test"

Congratulations to all of our winners! If you have won from me, please send me an e-mail at, and please put the item you have won somewhere in the message along with the scent of choice and your address. If you have won from someone else, contact them asap (you have 48 hours!). Congratulations again! 

Winner of flower clip from Jaime's Jems 
Jenny Stamos

Winner of Buttermilk Bath:
Dixie Hill

Winner of 30% off from
Michelle Snow

Winner of coupon from
Larissa Willfong

Winner of Turquoise Fabric Flower & Bead Necklace Set 

Tammy Leanne Naylor

Winner of snappies from

Sherry Lebow

Winner of dress from

Katie Knapp

Winner of Rubber Ducky: 
Lindsay Hubbard

Winner of tawashis from
Lauren Parris

Winner of silver bullet from pure romance from:
Mandi Shear

Winner of $10 off from:
Ciara CastaƱon

 Winner of pocket diaper from

Beth Botwin

Winner of cookie monster hat from:
Zoe Hunter Lee

Winner of Scent Circle from:
Emma Lee Preston

Winner of Men's Goat's Milk Soap:
Sara Myrick

Friday, May 13, 2011

First Blog.... Changes....

As many of you have heard, Facebook is cracking down on the giveaways that we all are so fond of. After our "product testing" we will have all giveaways, promotions, etc. on here. I would hate to lose my page and have to start all over! I love you guys! So, here is now where you will find my ramblings, musings, and life as a soap maker. Contests, giveaways, reviews! I know that this might be inconvenient for some, but it is what I have to do to protect the company page. A lot of my business comes from Facebook, I cannot take the risk of being deleted. I hope that you understand!!